Unlock a hotel room’s temperature limits with this simple thermostat hack

hack hotel thermostat into vip mode

We love luxe hotel rooms because it gives us a moment of escape, that we’re living in nicer digs than we currently do (think the Ritz-Carlton or W, not the Travelodge). But one thing we frequently find frustrating is the inability to adjust the room’s temperature to our liking. Sure, most fancy hotel rooms let you adjust the thermostat to some degree, but you can never get it cool or hot enough (the reason being energy conservation, so guests don’t rack up high utility bills for the hotel). However, according to Jaunted, there is a supposed hidden trick that lets you override a room’s preset electronic thermostat, and it’s something with a stately name called “VIP mode.” The video below shows that the override works on Inncom thermostats.

Here’s the simple trick: At the thermostat panel, while holding down the “display” button, press the “off” button and then “up” button – use those NES video game unlimited-life code skills you’ve mastered. If successful, you’ll be granted access to VIP mode, which turns off the motion sensors and temperature limits.

We haven’t had a chance to try out this trick, but you can bet on us giving it a whirl during our next hotel stay. If you have successfully done this, please let us know in the comments.

(Via Jaunted)

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