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HelloTech will help your parents with tech support so you don't have to

For all the negative stereotypes there are about millennials out there, one thing no one can deny is that the generation knows its way around technology. Their parents and grandparents, unfortunately, often struggle in that area. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

HelloTech, an in-home tech support company, has teamed up with AARP, Brookdale, Front Porch, and Ring with the goal of helping seniors make better use of new technology. The partnership looks to connect seniors with the tech they want and the know-how they need to operate it. It could save them some frustrating over-the-phone troubleshooting with their children or grandkids. (Let’s face it: Those calls can be painful for both parties.)

For the older generations that didn’t grow up with today’s technology, installing and using high-tech devices can understandably be a struggle. While the age 50 or older population has increasingly been going digital, according to HelloTech, 77 percent feel that they need help with new devices and technologies. Furthermore, the company says that many seniors would rather have in-person support than try to get by with other methods. Sometimes, an owner’s manual can only get you so far.

Naturally, that makes seniors a logical population for HelloTech to target. With AARP, Brookdale, and Front Porch on board, they’ll be able to access a huge population of older Americans. AARP has 38 million members who are age 5o or older, while Brookdale operates senior’s residences and Front Porch is a network of senior home facilities. Meanwhile, Ring provides smart home tech that they could benefit from by might be wary of.

“Seniors are like anyone else in that they want the same quality of life increase that products like Ring provide, it’s just they’re less comfortable installing a device themselves,” said Richard Wolpert, co-founder and CEO of HelloTech, in a statement.

Moving forward, HelloTech is looking to add additional partners as they continue to target seniors. It looks like it is time to teach some old dogs new tricks.

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