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Holiday gifts for foodies

ipad - kitchenWe’re getting pretty specific here, but shopping for the holidays is a lot easier when you can pinpoint a favorite hobby of the person you are gifting. If that hobby happens to deal with food or cooking, we’ve got some serious and not-so-serious gifts that they will no doubt love. For foodies everywhere, we’ve crafted a list of some of our favorite tools and gadgets that make cooking (or eating) just a little more fun. 

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All-Clad Stainless Steel 7-Piece Cooking Tool Set, $130

This set will make a great gift for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen. Each of the seven tools, including a spatula, pasta fork, and ladle, are made of heavy-guage polished stainless steel and come in a stylish and sleek storage canister. For an added level of personalization, buyers can add up to three monogrammed initials to the storage container. 

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The Smoking Gun, $100

This strange-looking tool is for serious foodies only. Using this tool, cooks can infuse almost anything with natural smoky flavors like applewood or hickory quickly and easily. Just add your selected wood chips (or spices) and your meal will be infused in no time. 

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Obol, $20

This unique bowl was designed with cereal-lovers in mind, but has a multitude of uses. The bowl has two sections, ideal for separating your cereal and milk, milk and cookies, soup and crackers, or chips and salsa. Spoon your cereal into the milk portion at your own pace to prevent soggy Cheerios, or grab and chip and dip into your salsa in the same bowl. 

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iPad Chef Sleeves, $20 for 25

Things can get messy in the kitchen, and if you like using your iPad while cooking as much as we do (for recipes, videos, etc.), you might worry that some stray flour will land on it one of these times or a disastrous spill will end the poor iPad’s life. Well, you can prevent all of that with these handy Chef Sleeves, which act like a little clear resealable envelope for your iPad while you cook. Toss it out when you’re done and your iPad will escape your cooking adventures unharmed. 

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Top Chef on DVD or Blu-ray, $20+

Without a doubt the best cooking reality show on television, Bravo’s Top Chef series is sure to inspire your giftee’s best recipe-creation or at the very least entertain them. Watch top-notch chefs from across the country battle it out in intense situations for the title of Top Chef. 


Molecular Cuisine Kit, $60

If the person on your list is addicted to watching Top Chef and their favorite contestant/winner is molecular gastronomy food nerd Richard Blais, look no further for the perfect gift. This Molecular Cuisine Kit includes everything you need to make things like beet foam, arugula spaghetti noodles, and bruschetta that looks like caviar. The kit comes with enough tools and molecular additives to create about 50 dishes of crazy food. 

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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, $120

This single kit will get the jobs of five different appliances done in one efficient system. Kneading cookie dough, chopping vegetables, and juicing whole fruits are just a few things that this kit can accomplish with its multiple containers and different blades. 

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