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Holiday gifts for her

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We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas and that means that it’s time to finally get down to that shopping list if you haven’t braved the malls already. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite items that would make particularly good gifts for the females in your life. There are options for every budget and no matter which gift you choose, we’re pretty sure she won’t be disappointed.

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Fun iPhone case, $25-$40

In our personal experience, having only one practical iPhone case can be a little boring. If you know her style, go for something fun to help keep her phone safe. She might like it as an alternative to her normal case or it might become her new favorite. Above styles by Diane von Furstenburg ($28), J.Crew ($25), and Kate Spade ($40).

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Kindle Fire, $199

While we are big fans of the iPad, the Kindle Fire is bringing the competition with its portable size, many great features, and affordable price tag. The 7-inch screen is small enough to easily carry in most purses, and the interface is bright, colorful, and easy to use. For a modest price, users can surf the web, work in email, read books, use thousands of apps, and watch TV shows or movies.

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Tech-friendly gloves, $32

There are now many different brands of touchscreen-friendly winter gloves, but we particularly like these wool-blend Echo Tech Gloves, carried at Macy’s. They come in a wide range of colors, are simple and stylish, and have special fabric at the index finger and thumb that will work with touchscreen devices. Staying connected when it’s 28-degrees outside never looked so good.

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Olympus Pen E-PM1, $450

If price isn’t of great concern and the lucky lady on your list is in need of a new camera, we encourage you to consider the outstanding Olympus Pen E-PM1, which offers 12.3 megapixels, a CMOS censor, and interchangeable lenses. The micro four thirds camera has a 3-inch widescreen, 1080p HD video, in-camera art filters, 3D shooting, and stabilization technology. It boasts much of the quality and control of an expensive DSLR camera, but at a smaller price tag and in a much more portable size. We like the slick white version but the camera also comes in black, silver, pink, purple, and brown.

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Columbia Omni-Heat Thermal Electric Jacket, $750+

This gift isn’t easy on the wallet either, but after some thorough testing we can wholeheartedly say that if your loved one is a ski bum or just generally cold-blooded, she will love one of these warming winter jackets. With lithium-ion polymer batteries and special carbon fiber circuitry fabric, these jackets will keep you warm (3 different heat settings) and dry with its impressive tech specs and flattering fits. Opt for either the Circuit Breaker Softshell (left, $850) or the Snow Hottie Jacket ($750) to keep your loved one toasty warm all winter. 

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Knomo London Avignon Slim Brief, $100

There are countless laptop bags and sleeves out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find one that is stylish but not overly-gaudy or feminine. Not everyone wants a glitter or bright pink laptop bag just because she’s a female. We now look to Knomo London for laptop bags that are stylish enough to look like you’ve put in some effort but keep things classy and simple, like this great quilted version. It provides plenty of protection for a 15-inch laptop (other sizes available on the brand’s website) and has two exterior pockets for a magazine, power cable, or other daily essentials, helpful carrying handles, and an included shoulder strap.

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CanvasPop Instagram prints, $30+

If your loved-one is an iPhone photography fanatic and you can gain access to their Instagram account (sneakily or not, we’ll leave that up to you), one or more prints from CanvasPop make a great, thoughtful gift. The company uses upsizing technology to turn your iPhone photos into beautiful 12×12 canvas-wrapped prints that are ready to hang on the wall. The quality is impressive and for a limited time CanvasPop is offering the Instagram service for only $20 a pop. Pun intended.

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ONA Any Bag Camera Insert, $59

We of all people know that it is extremely difficult to find any kind of stylish camera bag (although we have rounded up a few), so if the person on your list is a photographer who may or may not own lots of bags and purses, why not get her a snug DSLR camera bag that itself will fit inside almost any other bag? The waxed canvas insert will protection your DSLR (or other camera) and some accessories, has five exterior pockets for organization, and will turn any bag big enough (backpacks, messenger bags, totes, large purses) into a stealth camera bag.

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Wahoo Fitness Pack for iPhone, $120

Perfect for runners and gym rats, this iPhone accessory offers users run tracking and other important fitness stats like time, distance, and heart rate. The device is a small dongle for your phone that works in conjunction with a soft heart-rate monitoring belt and a free app to give you the most information about your workout habits as possible.

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Nintendo Wii, $150

There are some women who will frown upon you buying them a gaming console as a gift no matter what, so if your girlfriend, wife, or sister is one of those people, just don’t go there. If your loved-one has an open mind, however, we have found that most of the women we know prefer fun movement games like the Wii offers over staring blankly at the TV and overusing their thumbs. The Wii console can offer hours of fun, interactive sports games or even fitness activities that make it more approachable than most gaming systems.

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