10 homes so lavish they have actual shark tanks inside them

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the waterbed … These homes have their own shark tanks. Okay, so they’re more sand shark than great white, but they fish are still pretty extreme pets. But hey, Shark Week only comes ‘round once a year.

Shehan Pools

If you want to swim adjacent to (instead of with) the sharks, check out this 10,000-gallon aquarium from Shehan Pools. Nestled near a faux, indoor waterfall, the tank holds sharks, stingray, and a variety of fish.

Villa Deep Blue, Airbnb

Just one feature of this $1,000-plus-a-night Miami Airbnb rental is its 15,000-gallon shark tank. It also boasts really amazing views.

Gilbert Arenas’ shark mansion

When former NBA player Gilbert Arenas sold his Virginia mansion in 2014, the sharks in his tank weren’t part of the deal … possibly because they cost $6,500 a month to maintain?

Hollywood Hills

Please pass the salt water: When your dining room boasts a shark tank, you eat with predators every night.

Symphony Pools

We imagine the shark gets offended when the family grills salmon.

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