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Six ways to get your shamrock shake indulgence this St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, and that means many cities have already had their festive parades. And while the bars are sure to be packed tonight, some of you may be contemplating a stop at the McDonald’s drive-in for that green-tinged treat, a shamrock shake.

Because these concoctions are available but once a year, there are a lot of DIY versions on Pinterest. Using Pinontop, we found a few of the most popular options for shamrock shakes on Pinterest, no matter how you like to consume your minty milkshake. (Sorry, high-tech straw not included.)

The kid-friendly option (150,800 pins)

From She Knows, this recipe bills itself as a copycat shamrock shake. It’s little more than vanilla ice cream, milk, peppermint extract, food coloring, and whipped cream — probably what you would’ve dumped in a blender if you were trying to come up with a recipe on your own.

The healthy (?) option (98,200 pins)

This is a shamrock protein shake, for those who want their mint dreams to clock in at under 200 calories. The main ingredient here is cottage cheese, along with protein powder, stevia, mint extract, food coloring, water, and ice cubes. Yum?

The booze-infused option (10,100 pins)

Take the first recipe and replace the milk with Bailey’s, and you essentially have the alcoholic version of the shamrock shake. You could maybe skip the mint extract and use creme de menthe instead, if you’re feeling adventurous.

The are-you-cereal? option (11,400 pins)

We’re sensing a theme here. The recipe is nearly identical to the first recipe, but it too wants you to swap the milk for Bailey’s. However, you’re also supposed to rim your glass with honey and green sprinkles and add a bunch of Lucky Charms cereal on top of your whipped cream.

The solid option (18,100 pins)

If you’d rather eat your festive mint creation, Your Cup of Cake has a recipe for shamrock shake cupcakes (shamrock cupshakes?). The recipe calls for mint extract and a lot of buttermilk. If you make mini cupcakes, you might still have room for green beer.

The fresh-mint option

This isn’t a recipe we found on Pinterest, but Real Simple makes its shamrock shake with heavy cream and fresh mint leaves, so it likely won’t taste nearly as artificial as the drive-through version.

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