With the iKettle, you’ll never need to wait for the kettle to boil

Smart phone-focused iKettle is now available to purchase at Best Buy


A watched pot may never boil, but you’ll never need to watch the iKettle to ensure that it’s doing its job. Rather, this smart kettle promises to always serve you water at the correct temperature, whenever you want it. Now in its third generation, this Internet of Things (IoT) device from Smarter can connect to a number of different platforms, including Amazon Alexa, If This Then That, Nest, and most recently, Google Assistant.

Other kettles require you to either turn them on (if you’re lucky enough to have an electric version) or actually place them on the stove. And if that isn’t inconvenient enough (it probably isn’t), the real annoyance comes in the form of the waiting game. In fact, Smarter claims that the average tea or other hot-water-dependent beverage drinker wastes up to 33 hours a year just waiting for water to boil. But no longer.

The iKettle features a companion iOS and Android app, which you can use to control your kettle from just about anywhere. And thanks to Blink-Up technology, Smarter claims that your connection to this appliance is more secure than ever, so you don’t have to worry about hackers taking control of your teapot.

You can also have your iKettle heat water to any temperature between 20 and 100 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for persnickety gourmands who know that certain tea leaves or types of coffee simply can’t withstand the heat. And thanks to the water level sensor on the iKettle, you’ll always know how much water is in your kettle so you can quickly determine how many cups you can make — even from your phone.

You can set your iKettle to begin the heating process at any time of the day with Wake Up mode so that you have your hot water waiting for you by the time you arrive in the kitchen, and similarly, you can tell the iKettle when you normally arrive home so you can immediately sink into your couch with a warm cup of tea. The iKettle will notify you once your water has reached its desired temperature, and can maintain this set temperature for up to 40 minutes.

After waiting eagerly for the last few months, hot water enthusiasts in the U.S. will be pleased to learn that the iKettle is now available for purchase in the states. You can pick one up from Best Buy (either in stores or online) for $150.

Update: The iKettle is now available for purchase in the U.S. from Best Buy for $150