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Leave the pros out of it, installing a bidet is easier than you think

Here in the U.S., bidets have just never caught on for some reason. When you think about it, a bidet is a smart choice for a number of different reasons. It leaves you cleaner, more fresh, and you don’t have to worry about getting elbowed in the face at Walmart for the last batch of toilet paper. Fortunately, installing a bidet convertible toilet seat is super-easy, and you don’t have to be a professional to do it.

Since bidets never caught on here, most bathrooms don’t have room for a separate appliance. That’s why a bidet toilet seat is a great addition to your bathroom. Truth be told, I would be far less comfortable about the idea of transferring over to a new seat just to wash off my bum. But an integrated toilet seat means you don’t have to move. Just press a button and let it do its thing.

Large remote. Many buttons

When bidetsPLUS offered to let us try one of its more full-featured units, the Bliss BB-2000, I jumped at the chance. What makes this bidet convertible seat so attractive is the sheer number of features available on it. It comes with a wireless remote with more controls than you thought a bidet would need.

Having used mine for over a week now, I’m definitely on board the bidet train.

The basics are there — posterior wash, feminine wash, timed cycles, and a fan-powered dry cycle. But a full-featured bidet offers other enhancements like a night light, heated seat, heated water used for washing, oscillating sprays for better coverage, and more. It’s these extra features that make this bidet seat more enjoyable to use. For what it’s worth, I definitely recommend heated water at the very least. Washing your posterior with cold water is definitely less than awesome.

How to install a bidet toilet seat

When it comes to installing a toilet replacement seat, the process is fairly simple. In the case of the Bliss BB-2000, almost everything you need is included in the box. In most situations, you will need an extension cord, unless your toilet has an outlet next to it. In the case of my bathroom, the nearest outlet was more than four feet away, so I picked up a very simple extension cord on Amazon. I also grabbed some channel to run the extension cord from one side of my sink to the other.

Adding a bidet tilet seat to your home is a great upgrade.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In a house full of electronics, computers, TVs, and chargers, the first channeling I ever ran was for my bathroom. Of course, when you’re surrounded by water, you want to make sure you know where any electricity is flowing. The channel is not strictly necessary, but it’s highly recommended, and it makes things look more tidy. Also, be sure your extension cord connects to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) outlet. Those are the ones with the “Test” and “Reset” buttons. The GFI outlet serves as a sort of circuit breaker. If the extension cord or plug gets wet, the outlet simply shuts off. If there are any leaks, you want to make sure you’re protected.

After I ran the channel and the extension cord, it was time to replace the toilet seat. Undo the bolts holding the seat in place and remove the seat. Clean the area thoroughly since, if your situation is like mine, that area has not been very clean since the last time you replaced the toilet seat. Once done, attach the locking plate to the toilet, remove any tape holding components on the toilet seat, then slide it onto the locking plate.

Connecting the water line

Turn off the water valve running into the toilet, and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Disconnect the supply line from the toilet. You can replace this supply line if you want; BioBidet includes a new supply line in the box. I kept my old one, though. Attach the T-connector to the bottom of the toilet tank and reconnect your supply line. Attach the 90-degree angle pipe to the side of the bidet. Run the included hose between the T-connector and the 90 degree connector.

All of these connections include pressure fittings, so most of the time, hand-tightening will do the job. You can also wrap the treads of every connection in sealer tape. I couldn’t find mine, but so far no leaks. Once everything is connected, you can go ahead and turn on the water supply valve and check for leaks. If everything is shipshape, you’re installed and ready to go. Pro tip: If you don’t see any leaks around any of the pipes, the best way to be sure is to leave a layer of paper towel or toilet paper on the floor for a few hours. If you come back and everything is dry, you’re good to go. Otherwise, it’ll help you narrow down where the leak is. Most of the time, an extra quarter turn will seal things up nicely.

It’s so simple

The nozzel is where the cleaning happens.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If all of this sounds really easy, that’s because it is. In the interest of disclosure, I should point out that I have worked as a general contractor in the past, so I’m not exactly an amateur. It’s also been over 15 years, so I’m not exactly a pro any more either. Regardless, this is a very simple home improvement project that can help you save in the long run. The only downside in my particular situation is that the Bliss BB-2000 is designed for oval toilets, so the front sticks out over the end of my round bowl.

Bidets never caught on in America, and that’s really a shame because they are far superior to toilet paper in many ways. Companies like BioBidet are making the conversion basically painless, which is pretty great. Having used mine for over a week now, I’m definitely on board the bidet train, and my family is slowly warming up to the idea. You can make the switch too, and often you don’t even need tools to do it. Best of all, you don’t need to spend the extra money in hiring a professional because installing one is easier than you think.

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