Jag Grill is the ultimate backyard BBQ setup

When we first laid eyes on the Lynx Smart Grill back during CES, we thought we thought we were looking at the pinnacle of grilling technology — but we may have found a grill that gives it a run for it’s money.

Jag Grill might not be as high-tech as Lynx, but it’s got a brilliant design that’ll take your next backyard cookout to the next level. Equal parts table, grill, and fire pit, this badboy is designed to seat up to eight people at a time, and provide each person at the table with their own personal grill space. 

In the center of this octagonal behemoth is the main burn pit, which can be used for wood fires or a giant batch of charcoal briquettes. Either way, once you’ve got enough hot coals, you just lift off the top and scoot them underneath the eight individual grills that surround the main pit. Then it’s time to start cooking.

Basically, everyone acts as their own chef at at this table. Sure, there’s a certain sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with manning the grill by yourself and making sure everyone’s steak is grilled just how they like it, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. This table rids you of such duties, and allows you to focus less on cooking and more on socializing with your fellow grillers.

When it’s all said and done and the coals have burned themselves grey, Jag Grill even comes apart for easy cleanup. All eight table leaves can be removed for washing, and access doors on the side of the main pit make cleaning up the ashes a breeze.

At roughly $2,500 for a pre-order (it’ll be $3,000 once it’s officially available), this definitely isn’t the cheapest way to enjoy a flame-cooked meal with your friends, but at least nobody will be able to complain that their steak was overcooked.

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