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Juisir is capitalizing on the Juicero hate with a discount for Juicero owners

JUISIR: Juicing without cleaning
If your aversion to cleaning is what’s been keeping you from juicing, consider your aversion … averted. A new juicer has made its debut on Kickstarter, and while it’s entering a relatively crowded marketplace, it claims to have one feature that makes it stand out from the pack — no cleaning required. Meet Juisir, an “innovative cold press juicier” that applies eight tons of force to your favorite juice recipe, and leaves no mess in its wake.

The Juisir isn’t the only juicing contraption out there — some may remember Juicero, an overpriced juicer that used pre-packed bags to serve up healthy juice — but Juicero has been getting a ton of bad press after it was revealed that the bags could simply be squeezed by hand to make the juice in less time.

On top of that, the juicer came in at a hefty $399, and a recent teardown suggests some of the cost may be due to the fact that the device is overly complicated in how it’s built.

Well, Juisir wants to take advantage of that bad press, and is offering Juicero customers who return their device within 30 days a 25-percent discount on the Juisir. It’s a pretty interesting deal — but the team behind the Juisir also claims that its device is a superior product.

The secret is in the Juisir bag, which you can purchase either in its single use or multiple use form. Made with biodegradable or recyclable materials (depending on which version you choose), you simply need to chop your fruits and vegetables into dollar coin-sized pieces, place them in the bag, and stick the bag in the machine. From there, Juisir exerts eight tons of force for 90 seconds, extracting all the goodness that could possibly be contained by those fruits and vegetables.

Because the Juisir bags completely separate your fruits and vegetables from the juicer itself, you’ll never actually have to clean the machine. Sure, you’ll have to dispose of (or wash out) your bags, but that’s far more straightforward than getting into the nooks and crannies of heavy machinery.

The Juisir Kickstarter campaign was ultimately super successful, and raised a hefty $414,976, well beyond its $35,814 funding goal on Kickstarter. Then the team launched an Indiegogo campaign which did even better, reaching a massive $722,586. Keep an eye on the Juisir website if you want one for yourself.

So if you’re looking for a way to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet, or are in dire need of more fiber, juicing just might be the way to go. And when there’s no cleaning involved, what excuse do you have to avoid it?

Updated on 04-26-2017 by Christian de Looper: Added news that Juisir team was offering a 25-percent discount to Juicero customers.

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