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Velociraptors and Alexa take over family game night with Jurassic World Revealed

Jurassic World Revealed

Family game night is about to get a lot louder — and a lot more prehistoric. While you may have grown up playing cards and charades, the 21st century is bringing a bit more excitement to your family-friendly competition. Universal Brand Development and Earplay have released Jurassic World Revealed, an interactive audio adventure game for Alexa-compatible devices.

Coincided to launch with the release of the highly anticipated film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World Revealed is a new kind of Alexa Skill. While it won’t turn out your lights or help you order new dish soap, it will provide plenty of entertainment.

The first chapter of the game is available for free now, while the next five chapters can be purchased for $4 (though the price will increase on June 29 to $5).

“As players make choices in and around them through our high-quality audio experience, we give the audience a different window into the events happening on Isla Nublar,” said Dave Grossman, Earplay chief creative officer, in a statement. “We’ve partnered closely with Universal to maintain an authentic Jurassic World tone, one that stays true to the franchise and allows fans deeper inside this universe.”

Gamers will serve as the assistant to the fictional podcast host Janet Best as she reports upon her trip to dinosaur island Isla Nublar. In this investigative game, you’ll try to discover exactly what happened to the dinosaurs as the dormant volcano (and more) comes back to life.

To play, you’ll simply tell your Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, visit Jurassic World.”

“With Jurassic World Revealed, we put interactive storytelling into the hands of fans who want the opportunity to choose where to take their Jurassic World adventure,” said Chris Heatherly, executive vice president at Universal, in a statement. “Earplay has established itself as a leader in the emerging voice-operated entertainment space, and this expertise has played a key role in developing an experience that will surpass the expectations of Jurassic World fans.”

Throughout the game, which employs something of a choose-your-own-adventure format, Janet will chat with you, giving you options about what your next move should be as you make your way through the empty theme park. Sometimes the decisions will be innocuous (do you want to hold the chocolate?) while other times, you’ll have to determine exactly how you want to escape the dinosaurs.

Once you’ve reached the end of the six chapters, you can see how your story compares to those of other players.

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