Kangaru eSATA Thumb Drive Hits 3 Gb/s

With USB 3.0 still well over the horizon and USB 2.0 starting to show its age on enormous flash drives, Kanagaru Solutions has leapt onto the next best connector: eSATA. On Wednesday, the company released the e-Flash, a thumb drive with both USB 2.0 and eSATA connectors.

Unlike USB 2.0, which has a theoretical speed limit of 480 Mbit/s, the Kangaru’s eSATA port will bump that speed limit to 3 Gigabit/s, about six times faster. To take advantage of the enhanced speed, Kangaru will offer the drives in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes.

The drive also features a strong aluminum housing that can optionally be engraved, and preloaded Hotswap! software for managing eSATA connections.

Kangaru currently sells the 16GB and 32GB drives for $85 and $120 respectively. The company hopes to make the 64GB variant available in January, though pricing is not yet known.