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Win a stay in a tiny house designed by tiny comedian Kevin Hart

Memorial Student Center Texas A&M University/Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Hart might be the first guy you go to for a laugh, but he’s typically not the first guy you’d go to for home decor decisions. But the star of the upcoming film Night School appears to be pretty skilled at the latter as well, judging by the tiny house he helped put together.

Teaming with, Hart created a 268-square-foot tiny home that is curated perfectly to the comedian’s liking. Located smack-dab in the middle of Manhattan in Herald Square, the house is a cozy getaway that is trumped in size by Hart’s mansion-like home in California but provides plenty of comfort in its own right.

Hart won’t be living in the tiny home, though. Instead, is giving away a chance to stay overnight in the house; it will open up Thursday, September 27. The lucky guest will also get a pair of tickets to Hart’s sold-out stand-up show, part of his Irresponsible Tour, set to take place that evening at Madison Square Park. Lucky guests will also get dinner at Lambs Club, Hart’s favorite restaurant in New York City.

After its brief pop-up stay in Manhattan, the tiny home will be relocated to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. There, it will take up permanent residence within Tiny Estates, the largest community of tiny homes according to USA Today. Visitors will be able to book the home at any time through once it has landed in Elizabethtown. Travelers can rent it for as low as $54 — a play on Hart’s height of 5 feet, 4 inches — though it will be priced at $175 a night once at Tiny Estates.

What exactly will you get during that stay? Well, Hart’s curated home features an outdoor seating area along with a standard bed, full bath, kitchen, and living room on the inside. Hart has stocked the home with some of his favorite amenities, including Amazon Alexa, an iPad, and a coffee maker. He’s also generously provided patrons with a full collection of his stand-up specials and films and a copy of his book I Can’t Make This Up.

A stay in Hart’s home will certainly be one that you can’t make up and will have to experience yourself. Even if you don’t try out Hart’s, there are still plenty of tiny homes out there for you to stay at if you’re looking for something modest but charming.

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