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King of the Nerds episode 103 recap: Games we play

If you were placed in a room full of cliques and had to trust your life with either the jocks, theater kids, or nerds, it’s safe to assume rolling with nerds is a safe bet. After all, they’re supposed to be honest, genuine people who just want a place of acceptance, right? Wrong. So wrong. Nerds are the worst – at least they would appear to be in the third episode of “King of the Nerds.”

Basically, whatever a “King of the Nerd” nerd says he or she can do, he or she cannot. Last night’s theme revolved around gaming; the challenge was for both teams to maneuver a remote control quadrocopter through an elaborate obstacle course in three minutes. Meanwhile, the opposing team would be armed with Nerf guns to shoot the quadrocopter down; for each take down, they get to deduct 500 points from the opponent. “This is the challenge I’ve been waiting for!” says Blue team’s Celeste, who’s talked about her pro gaming background since the start of the show. Instead, she’s the only one who had her quadrocopter shot down twice. She’s disappointed, but ends her turn with a Kanye-esque shrug and an exasperated “Whatever, man.” True pro gamer sportsmanship.

In a rallying effort, Alana claims she’s the bomb diggy at shooting shit, but fails to take down any Orange team quadrocopters. This is, of course, unsurprising. The Blue team puts all its hope on hand-eye coordination-challenged Virgil who magically ends up scoring more points than Celeste in under one minute. Orange team’s Brandon says he’s a great shooter ’cause he’s from Texas and has handled real guns before, but didn’t hit Virgil’s aircraft once.

With the Orange team suffering its first loss, the team members have to decide who to send to the Nerd-Off. Joshua says pink-haired Danielle seems to lack valuable skills going forward, so he tells her his decision to her face. Danielle flips a big shit about it, cries, whines, and goes on for about 10 minutes of why she’s worthy of sticking around (But I dressed like a big slut during the cosplay challenge! I scored major points then broke a piece of the quadrocopter just now! What did YOU do?) Joshua says he will vote himself out instead to make her happy, but ends up picking Danielle anyway. Danielle thinks she’s tricked Josh, and faces a harsh reality when the scheme blows up in her face. All in all, no one is to be trusted in this nerd hole.

Danielle and good guy Brandon gets sent to the elimination challenge where they have to drive remote-controlled golf carts and push giant balls into a goal. Brandon overanalyzes the most effective radial turn of the golf carts, gets lost in learning the controls, and loses big time to Danielle.

Things are about to get major awkward now that Danielle and Joshua have to continue on the same team knowing they’ve backstabbed each other. It makes me sad to see Brandon go; he seemed like the few genuinely nice kids in the house. But like all reality shows, good guys finish last…ish, so unless he kept calling Virgil a dick, it was imminent that he wouldn’t stick around for long.

Next week, guest judges Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes join the episode which can only mean one thing: Comic books!

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