Koolatron’s portable grill lets you cook a meal in your car

koolatrons portable grill lets you cook a meal in your car koolatron travel n

While we can only assume this kind of product was created for portability and travel purposes, we can’t help but think about how useful it’d be during a giant traffic jam. World, meet the Koolatron Travel ‘N’Grill. The 12V mini-grill packs neatly anywhere you go and only needs your car’s cigarette lighter socket to power up. The tiny design is built to create a meal for one, perfectly cooked each time by its double grill on the inside surface and the lid. It can even cook frozen food in minutes if haven’t had time to defrost. Imagine coming back from a grocery store run and sitting stuck in traffic — now you don’t have to let that bag of food tempt you and just downright cook those things.

Thanks to the sandwich flap design, the grill can accommodate food of various sizes within its 7-inch by 10-inch body. The sloped grill design also helps to drain excess fat and oil, all in just 15 amps of power. When you’re finished cooking, just take out the removable tray for a quick wash. According to recent reviews on Amazon, this is literally the George Foreman grill for your car, and we think that’s a pretty generous compliment.

Though the Koolatron Travel ‘N’Grill seems slightly gimmicky, we think it would be a great companion on road trips. Why stop at a restaurant when you can just stock up on food and cook it at the next lookout point for a picnic over gorgeous landscapes? This would also be a neat addition to camping trips if you can’t find an open barbecue pit and don’t want to cook over the open flame while the kids are trying to make their s’mores.

Just remember that if you do plan to cook in your car, leave a thing of air freshener behind or you will maintain the scent of fresh-cooked hamburgers all season long. We’re also only half-joking about cooking during traffic — if you must, it’s probably better to pull over for a meal than to multitask when you should be focused on the road.

Of course, to add an excellent ending to your meal, you might just want the Handpresso Auto, which is a similar concept to the Travel ‘N’Grill but for coffee lovers. These new array of products sure give a new meaning to fast food, whenever you want it, wherever.

The Koolatron Travel ‘N’Grill is available now for $50 (or $40 on Amazon, plus shipping).