A craft beer dispenser in your own kitchen? We’ll drink to that!

The SUB Home Beer Dispenser is currently on sale at Crate and Barrel

Getting to and from the hottest bar in town no longer requires you to enlist the help of a designated driver. That’s because said bar is now located inside your own home. It’s all thanks to the new SUB Home Beer Dispenser from German kitchen appliance maker Krups. This home draft system promises to let you keep your beer fresh, cold, and most importantly, carbonated for up to two weeks. So whether you’re looking to throw a party or just enjoy a mini keg of good beer over the course of a couple weeks, you may just find that the SUB will come in handy.

The sleek device doesn’t look anything like the kegerators that you may be accustomed to (which is a good thing). While it doesn’t take a full-sized keg, the SUB does allow you to load a 2-liter minikeg of craft beer from a wide range of East Coast and West Coast breweries. In fact, thanks to Krups’ partnership with Hopsy, you’ll be able to order from one of more than 50 award-winning craft brewery partners, including some located in New York, California, and Texas, as well as a few international partners in Netherlands and Mexico.

Using the SUB is remarkably straightforward. All you have to do is load the tap by inserting the minikeg with the tube facing toward you. Then you’ll need to position the tap by opening the tap cover, slipping the tube through the tap, and inserting the tube spout into the tap. Once you’re sure that the spout is clipped in, you can close the tap cover, and close the door of the SUB. Turn the handle clockwise until it’s entirely horizontal and locks into place. Once the indicator light on the SUB  turns green, the beer is ready to be served. Just pull down on the handle and the tap will be open. Once tapped, the beer should stay as good as new for up to 14 days.

Thanks to a constantly updated rotation of more than 20 craft beers, you’d be hard-pressed to run out of new brews to try. Once you order a minikeg, it should be delivered right to your door in one to two business days. Currently, the SUB is on sale at Crate and Barrel, where you can buy the unit for $129. That’s a pretty significant reduction from the normal price of $216.

Updated on June 5, 2018, with a sale price from Crate and Barrel.