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LG will announce partnerships at CES to help give you a smart kitchen

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t here just yet, but LG is already excited to show what it’s been working on. The electronics manufacturer will spend the event showing off new partnerships with a number of companies that will help expand the smart kitchen beyond just appliances.

LG has developed a partnership with Drop, the makers of the Drop Kitchen OS platform designed to create a unified smart home experience. The companies plan to integrate the operating system into appliances to make the smart kitchen even smarter. LG SmartThinQ ovens and ranges already come equipped with technology built on the Drop platform, and more appliances are expected to come in the future.

In addition to working with Drop, LG is also working with Innit and SideChef, two popular recipe and meal plan solutions. Users will be able to select a recipe from any of these platforms and have it seamlessly send it directly to your LG range or oven. The oven can automatically preheat to the right temperature, select the right cooking mode, and set timers so everything will be ready right when it’s supposed to be. The idea is to make the entire meal-making process — from preparation to clean up — as easy as possible.

“Through partnerships that tap into today’s more intelligent kitchen appliances, we’re able to deliver the smart kitchen experience that customers have been asking for,” said Dan Song, president of LG. “Technology is making the kitchen more and more complicated and our vision is to create an environment that is welcoming and stress-free so that families can enjoy the optimal culinary experience without having to eat out or order in.”

In addition to new partnerships to create a better smart kitchen experience, LG also has a some new products that it will unveil during CES. The company’s WK9 smart display wireless speaker system is designed to give you all of the information you need on demand while you’re working in the kitchen. The device features an eight-inch screen powered by the Google Assistant and provides hands-free help while you’re making your meals. The company will also show off the LG HomeBrew, an at-home beer-making machine that is like a Keurig for spirits lovers.

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