Fridgeception: LG’s new mega-capacity fridge boasts doors inside of doors

LG Mega-Capacity Refrigerator with Double Door-in-Door

CES is still a week away at this point, but in an effort to stay ahead of the pack, LG has already lifted the veil on a few of the high-tech new appliances it’ll be bringing to the show. Today, the company announced plans to introduce its first double Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity refrigerator in 2015.

This beefy new model is equipped with two independent door-in-door compartments, giving you the ultimate convenience — better organization and easy access — while also maximizing conservation of cold air.

“Our Door-in-Door has been without a doubt one of the most popular design features we’ve ever introduced,” said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics. “With the introduction of the new Mega-Capacity Door-in-Door, we’ve taken this popular feature and created an even better refrigerator. Organizing food takes on a whole new level of satisfaction with this model.”

LG Mega-Capacity Refrigerator with Double Door-in-Door

The right Door-in-Door is designed to be accessible from outside with a simple push of a button, as well as from the inside, making it easy to load with often-used items like snacks, drinks, lunches and more. The left Door-in-Door compartment is a bit different — it’s only accessible from the outside, and is unlocked via a lever at the bottom of the refrigerator panel. This design essentially allows you to access the fridge without losing all the precious cold air inside, thereby reducing power consumption and also keeping food fresh for longer.

Aside from the doors, the new refrigerator also features a unique tempered glass exterior that is both fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. Under the hood, it’s equipped with LG’s new Smart Diagnosis feature, which allows users to homeowners to record and analyze signals from the refrigerator via a smartphone app, and get immediate advice on repair options.

We’ll have more details once we see this badboy in the flesh at CES next week, so stay tuned.