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LG’s Signature fridge has a door you can automatically open with your foot

Taking a cue from that Ford with the tailgate that pops open when you wave your foot under it, LG’s new Signature fridge will open its Auto-Door when your foot trips the sensor. The company introduced the new fridge along with some other products in its Signature line, at CES 2016.

The sensors can tell that it’s you (or at least a human) who activated the sensor, so you don’t have to worry about the dog getting into the leftovers just because he walks by your fridge. But if you’re just browsing and want to save some energy, you can knock on the upper right door’s surface, and its Knock-On technology activates. Your tapping will cause the interior lights to illuminate, permitting you to see what’s inside (the door itself is not entirely opaque, but will reveal the fridge’s contents when those lights are on). Haier has something similar, a “smart window,” but it uses sensors instead of a knock to turn its door translucent.

LG also debuted its Signature washer. Similar to the Twin Wash, you can pair it with the Sidekick, a pedestal that goes under the appliance and houses a separate, mini-washer. But the Signature version has some new features.

The 5.2-cubic-foot-capacity washer has an auto-dosing detergent dispenser. That means you don’t have to worry about filling the cap to the right line — the appliance does the work for you. It’s a feature we’ve seen in some other models, and it’s great, because most people use way too much detergent.

Much like another appliance debuting at CES, the Marathon Laundry Machine, the LG Signature washing machine also has drying capabilities. That means you could stick your load in the machine and take care of both cleaning and drying without doing a transfer.

LG didn’t offer prices or availability for the Signature line, but it did say that it plans to introduce other appliances into the line, including a dishwasher.

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