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Your baby deserves a meal kit, too, and Little Spoon offers a nutritious option

Little Spoon
The love of your life deserves the best food of her life as soon as that life begins. And no one understands that better than Little Spoon, the baby food and nutrition brand behind Blueprint, heralded as the first tech platform to optimize a baby’s nutrition. Founded with the understanding that your baby’s eating habits during the first 24 months affect his or her health and microbiome for the next 24 years (and beyond), Little Spoon’s new platform hopes to optimize nutrition in order to aid in a child’s crucial development stages.

Developed in response to new parents’ questions about what baby food blends are best for their youngsters, or how much variety a young stomach ought to handle, Blueprint promises to consider specific data points that correlate to a baby’s personal developmental history, as well as birth weight, height, food allergies, and more. Using this information, Blueprint then creates a personalized meal plan of Little Spoon’s Babyblends to cater to a child’s specific needs. So whether your tot needs probiotics, iron supplements, or something else altogether, Blueprint will make adjustments as necessary, and ensure that you get the right Little Spoon deliveries.

All of the company’s Babyblend food products are made with plant-based ingredients that combine 24 macros and micronutrients, as well as organic, non-GMO ingredients like quinoa, spirulina, and turmeric. Little Spoon recipes and the Blueprint system were created in tandem with the Pediatric Nutrition Council, whose expertise will help ensure your baby is getting the right nutrients at the right time in their development.

“Early infant nutrition is key to starting off a child right — and it’s not easy to ensure, especially considering the fact that gut health is tied to a person’s nutrition from babyhood,” said Dr. Anthony Porto, a member of the Pediatric Nutrition Council. “Little Spoon is fresh, and uses only organic ingredients, and the Blueprint makes ordering exactly what your child needs at each stage of infant feeding easy for parents. Parents now have an option to ensure that children are introduced to diverse tastes and flavors from the start”

Little Spoon is available now to parents across the U.S. in all 50 states. You can get your baby food for as little as $35 a week, which works out to just under $4 per baby meal.

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