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Purify your wine for a delectable drinking experience with the Üllo Wine tool

Hello Üllo
If you can’t go to Napa Valley, bring Napa Valley to you. It’s may not be so difficult if you have Üllo Wine, a new tool that promises to purify and aerate your glass of vino, removing sulfites and restoring its natural taste; it’s almost as though you were drinking it straight from the barrel on a vineyard.

Promising to be the first and only multi-purpose wine tool capable of selectively filtering sulfites out of wine without altering any of its other properties, the Üllo Wine seeks to return a bottle of red, white, or rosé to its most natural form. The process uses a patent-pending polymer to selectively remove sulfites, but keeps the natural flavors of the wine intact. The filtering process is simple: just place Üllo on top of a wine glass or fit it on the custom designed Üllo carafe or decanter, and pour.

Sulfites tend to give wine an unpleasantly bitter taste, but the Üllo Wine Purifier claims to be able to use its Selective Sulfite Capture technology to filter away these excess particle. It also behaves as an aerator, so you’re enhancing your wine drinking experience from just about every vantage point.

“With Üllo, Wine drinkers everywhere can experience pure wine for the first time,” said the company’s CEO and founder James Kornacki. “We designed Üllo not only for those with sulfite allergies, but for all wine drinkers to experience the taste of pure wine as if they were drinking a glass right at the vineyard.”

Aside from its filter, Üllo also makes carafes and decanters, all from hand blown glass, so you can find a product for any vinophile in your life. To check out more about the Üllo Wine Purifier and its companion products, visit, or pick one up in person at Best Buy, Bloomingdales, or Brookstone.

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