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Luggage from Away is meant to be sensible, not just smart

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There’s a lot of buzz in our connected, Internet of Things world about how “smart” our new tools and gadgets seem, but there is a lot less attention paid to just how sensible they really are. Here to remove the smoke and mirrors and simply provide its customers with what they need in a sleek, elegant package is Away, a luggage company that wants to help you make a home away from home. And that process starts with your bags.

The Away team, which rests on the shoulders of former Warby Parker executives Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, developed its suitcases by listening to “hundreds of true travel stories.” By taking a closer look at the pain points plaguing today’s jetsetters, Rubio and Korey developed luggage pieces that are meant to “solve real travel problems.”

For example, Away’s carry-on bags feature a built-in battery capable of charging an iPhone or any USB device up to five times, while maintaining its TSA-friendly status. Moreover, all of Away’s suitcases boast interior organizing features like a compression bag that buckles down in order to allow for more space, as well as a hidden laundry bag that will keep your dirty clothes away from your clean garments.

Plus, each piece in Away’s line promises an unbreakable shell made from a scratch-resistant German polycarbonate that won’t break under pressure (no matter how unkind its handlers may be). And thanks to Away’s 360-degree Hinomoto spinner wheels, your suitcase will follow you just about anywhere, without requiring all that much energy expenditure.

Perhaps most appealing to customers is Away’s direct-to-consumer approach, which means significantly lower cost for the same high-quality materials. And if ever an Away bag gives you grief, the company offers a lifetime guarantee.

As it stands, Away designs four sizes of bags, each of which is available in six colors — Navy, Black, Green, Sand, Asphalt, and Brick. There are two carry-on sizes; the original Carry-On and the Bigger Carry-On, which sell for $225 and $245, respectively. There’s also the Medium, a checked bag that is meant for a few weeks of away time, and the Large, which is Away’s biggest offering. These bags sell for $275 and $295.

You can order a single bag or a set of suitcases from Away’s website, with stores in both New York and Los Angeles.

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