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Maxwell House Max Boost coffee helps regulate the blood in your caffeine system

Maxwell House MAX
Coffee is serious business for 54 percent of Americans, and 65 percent of our coffee drinking occurs in the morning. Most coffee drinkers are satisfied with caffeine in a normal brew, but others seek ever stronger coffee blends and methods of brewing it. Just drinking more coffee also provides more caffeine, of course, but extra fluid intake may not be what you’re looking for. Now you can adjust your caffeine level at different times of the day without actually drinking more with Maxwell House Max Boost coffee blends.

Max Boost comes three strengths with 1.25 times, 1.5 times, and 1.75 times the caffeine level in a normal cup of Arabica coffee. Max Boost is available now at grocers and merchandise retailers in canisters of ground roast coffee or in boxes of K-cups, but not as whole beans.

According to Maxwell House, a 6-ounce serving of ground Arabica coffee has an average 63mg of caffeine. Brewed Max Boost 1.25X contains an average of 81mg caffeine, Max Boost 1.5X has an average of 99mg of caffeine, and Max Boost 1.75X has an average of 111mg of caffeine. Max Boost contains only coffee, with no additives.

A Maxwell House representative told Digital Trends the various Max Boost strengths are achieved by choosing specific coffee bean types and ages and by the way the beans are roasted.

The different Max Boost strengths aren’t only for loading up on caffeine. Sometimes you want a little boost but don’t need or want to go into overdrive.

“Younger consumers love the taste of coffee, but are looking to other beverage categories for functional benefits to address their different needs throughout the day,” said Luke Cole, director of coffee marketing for the Kraft Heinz Company.

In addition to regulating higher caffeine consumption, Maxwell House also thought of consumers who drink flavored coffees. Maxwell House introduced MAX Indulge flavored coffees simultaneously with the Max Boost blends. Max Indulge is available in three flavors: Mocha, Mocha & Salted Caramel, and Mocha & ’Smores.

If you find your daily caffeine hits are getting out of hand, you could always taper off a bit, perhaps by using a wearable device like the Thync that claims to use ultrasound to help you rev up or chill out.

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