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South Korea’s Eyeclon to enter U.S. smart-camera market in 2017

mcnex eyeclon enters us market dashcam l5 prime
MCNEX may not be a company you’ve heard of, but its smart-camera technology can be found in many familiar products. From iris-recognition capabilities in smartphone cameras to accident-avoidance systems in cars, the Korean company has made a name for itself in the business-to-business space. Now, as announced at CES, it’s entering the U.S. consumer market for the first time under the brand name Eyeclon.

The U.S. subsidiary will be based in San Jose, California, which the company hopes will enable it to more easily market its products to American consumers. Eyeclon will focus on two key internet-of-things (IoT) product areas, both designed to offer “peace of mind” to customers: home security solutions and driver safety units (aka dash cams).

“We like to say that we are the ‘eyes of information technology’ because our smart cameras aren’t about capturing images; they allow hardware and software to see and react to what’s happening around it,” MCNEX CEO Donguk Min said in a statement.

Eyeclon also recently launched a new website that currently provides limited information on a few of their consumer products, including three dash cam models and one networked home security camera. When it comes to the product descriptions, it appears that a few things have gotten lost in translation (“Stylish black color makes a person with taste”), but we’re guessing this will get worked out over time.

MCNEX isn’t slowing down on the business front, either. Its Smart DID (Digital Information Display) system unveiled at CES looks to reimagine the retail shopping experience. Smart DID uses biometric technology to customize shopper interactions based on gender, time of day, and other factors. Perhaps one day soon, we’ll have the Minority Report-style retail experience we’ve always wanted.

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