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Better late than never: Nest adds two-factor authentication to protect device

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Your smart thermostat knows an awful lot about your home and now, you’re going to be able to rest a bit easier knowing that information is better protected. On Tuesday, Nest finally announced support for two-factor authentication, promising a “new layer of security” that will help your private information stay private.

You’re probably familiar with two-factor authentication: It’s a popular security measure that requires not only your password but your phone as well to access an account. So how will it work with Nest? In order to actually activate two-factor authentication, you will need to make your way over to the Nest app, tap the menu icon that appears at the top left of your screen, then find the category Account Security. There is now a new option to activate “2-step verification.” Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll need to re-sign in. As the company explained in a blog post, “The first time you sign into your Nest Account after activating two-factor authentication, you will type in your email and password as always, but then you’ll get a text with a verification code. Enter the code and you’re set.”

The latest update is a much-needed security improvement and one that has taken a surprisingly long time to come about. After all, two-factor authentication is nothing new and Nest’s parent company Google offered the security feature since 2010. When asked about the delay by Gizmodo, Nest had the following to say:

“From the beginning, Nest products have been designed and built with security in mind, and it’s a topic that we take seriously today. Nest is one of the first companies to offer two-factor authentication for smart home products, which is simply an option for customers who would like to take advantage of an additional layer of security for their Nest account. Ultimately, security is an ongoing effort requiring investment, monitoring, and innovation. Nest offers regular software updates and new features to continue to deliver the best experience to customers.”

In any case, better late than never. If you’re a Nest user, it’s probably time to turn on that extra layer of security.

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