Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack mimics waves, stores 12 bottles

oenophilia bali wine rack mimics waves stores 12 bottles

It all starts with a bottle of chardonnay in college, or even better, a box of Franzia. Pretty soon you are swirling your glass, wine tasting in the country, and taking classes on pairing wine with food. It’s a slippery slope, drinking wine and making it a hobby, but it comes with some great accessories. Wine refrigerators, fancy racks, specialized corks and openers, and eventually a large wine cellar in your hypothetical mansion. If you’re just starting out on the road to finicky sommelier behavior, the first step is to get yourself a beautiful wine rack. If it also functions as an art piece or conversation starter, you’re even better off. We like the wave-like design (inspired by the beaches of Bali) of the Bali Wine Rack ($60) from Oenophilia. The rack’s beautifully-crafted waves will look great in almost any room, and create enough space to hold 12 bottles of your favorite wine. The rack looks stunning even when it’s not full, and is available in an ebony finish (above) or a bolder shade of red. Be careful or soon you’ll be an old man coaxing dinner guests into your cavernous wine cellar for a pre-meal lesson.