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Ohmni home robot helps keep families connected in a more physical way

Ohmni: A robot to transform how you stay connected
At one point, nearly everyone leaves their family for an extended amount of time. However, whether moving across the country, studying abroad, or going on an adventure, families will want to stay connected. Typically, people choose to chat over the phone or on video, but OhmniLabs developed something with presence.

Ohmni is a home robot that allows families to stay connected more naturally than any typical video call. Even from across the word, users can control the robot and have it travel around the house.

Setting up Ohmni is simple. Just unfold, press power, and connect to Wi-Fi. After inviting family and friends through Google or Facebook, they can use Google’s Chrome browser to control Ohmni. Steering around the house is as simple as using the keys, trackpad, or touch controls on any PC, Mac, or Android device.

“Families today are often spread out across countries and continents, making it a challenge to stay in touch,” said OhmniLabs co-founder and CEO Thuc Vu. “We created a robot that people can use every day to not only communicate but experience life together. The possibilities are endless. I use Ohmni with my grandma in Vietnam and it is amazing how natural our interaction is.”

Other features include a tilting head and the ability to dock itself automatically for charging. Its lightweight design keeps Ohmni at 20 pounds for easy portability. Owners can take it outside or upstairs or wherever the family is gathering. Additionally, it uses an open platform that integrates with Amazon Alexa.

Ohmni is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $1,395. Each robot is made to order and incorporates materials like bamboo and brushed aluminum. Those who might be interested have until May 11 to make a pledge before they hit their final retail price of $1,895.

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