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Ollie Box Shop is a lifestyle brand from makers of ultra-chic micro apartments

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You may have heard of New York-based “all inclusive co-living specialist” Ollie, makers of innovative micro apartment living spaces purpose-built to be tiny. Well, it’s just launched a brand new venture, designed to take its lifestyle philosophy into the home goods and accessories market — courtesy of a new retail website.

“Our philosophy is that quality of life is not measured by the quantity of square footage,” director of design Jacqueline Schmidt told Digital Trends.

Called Ollie Box Shop, the ecommerce platform offers curated sets of products (the eponymous Ollie Boxes), individual items, and exclusive hand-drawn removable wallpaper — drawn by Schmidt — all perfectly designed for small space living. If you’re looking for sustainable, minimalist, modern design and stunning artisanal goods, look no further!


“Ollie Box builds on our reputation as small space ‘experts,’” Schmidt continued. “We wanted to add a lifestyle aspect to our work by offering ready-made packages that fit into the spaces we offer, or any small spaces. Over time we’ll be expanding the sets we offer to fit all kinds of price ranges and styles. However, what we’ve launched with are the essentials a person needs when they move into a space.”

At present, sets include a bathroom set and “nesting” modern dinnerware set, among others. Additional living and bedroom sets will hopefully arrive sometime in 2017. Individual items include everything from shaving kits to a Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker. It’s all incredibly neat in both senses of the word — and almost certain to find an audience at a time when books on the magic art of tidying are all the rage.

“We’re always trying to come up with ways to make the living experience that bit smoother,” Schmidt said. “We look at the A-Z of living experiences and try to come up with solutions.”

Whether you’ve got the chance to live in one of Ollie’s much-sought-after pint-size living spaces, or just want to sample a bit of its micro-chic ethos for yourself, Ollie Box Shop is well worth a visit.

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