If you are looking for a way to chill your wine on a hot day, ProntoBev can help

When you’re ready to party, you don’t have time to chill out, much less chill your wine. Luckily, there is a new device that can help your adult beverages get ready in no time. Meet the ProntoBev, a clever little tool that can chill your drinks below freezing temperatures in under 30 seconds. Portable and easy to use, the ProntoBev from Pronto Concepts promises to be the replacement to your melting ice buckets for summers to come.

Effectively a cooling jug, the ProntoBev’s interior is made of wine-grade stainless steel, the same material used in the winemaking process. That means that you won’t alter the flavor of your beverage by using the device. Simply pour your drink of choice into the ProntoBev (be it wine, hard liquor, coffee, tea, or water), and wait about 30 seconds for the contents to drop 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

So how does it work? The ProntoBev actually makes use of a substance known as ProntoGel to absorb heat out of a liquid through stainless steel walls. It’s activated by the cold, so in order to use ProntoBev effectively, you will want to pop it in the freezer first to ensure that the gel is cold. But then, once all that is done, you can get to chilling.

Thanks to its built-in thermometer, you can always see the temperature of your beverage in the ProntoBev to determine whether or not it is good for drinking. And with a capacity of 750 milliliters, you can easily fit an entire bottle of wine into the device without a problem. Plus, the entire thing is dishwasher safe, so cleanup ought to be pretty straightforward.

The ProntoBev can also be used to quickly make iced coffee or iced tea, without having to use ice that will ultimately dilute the taste of your caffeinated beverage. So no matter what you want you are looking to drink, you can drink it cold.

You can pre-order the ProntoBev from Indiegogo for the early-bird price of $99, and receive a ProntoAer (which the team purports to be the world’s fastest aerator) in the process. Estimated delivery is scheduled for March 2018.