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The Proscenic P10 Pro has Dyson-like features without the Dyson cost

Tired of dragging around the infamous family upright vacuum, passed down from one generation to the next? If you’re looking for lightweight convenience and versatility at a reasonable price, look no further than the Proscenic P10 Pro 4-in-1 Cordless Vacuum.. Engineered for top-to-bottom cleaning for every surface your home may have, it’s finally time to retire the multi-gen Kirby that emits more pollutants than it consumes.

Proscenic P10 Pro

Capable of 25,000Pa, the P10 can deep-clean every nook and cranny in your house, from floor to ceiling. Whether dust bunnies and pet hair across your hardwoods or cracker crumbs nestled deep in carpet fibers, there’s no escaping its suction power. Better yet, the automatic carpet boost function kicks in when fibers higher than 10mm are detected, ensuring no detritus goes un-vacuumed. Tired of having to switch out brush heads all the time? The P10’s 180-degree tangle-free, adjustable brush head means more cleaning, less rotation, and zero untangling of bunched-up cat fur. While vacuuming around the house, you can keep tabs on the health and performance of the P10 with the LED display on the base of the main unit. Indicators include an error message display, three suction toggles, and overall battery life.

Speaking of battery: The P10 is estimated to last up to 55 minutes in Eco Mode, about 30 minutes with standard settings, and up to 12 minutes running at maximum power. To go from a bone-dry battery to a full charge, you’re looking at about a two-hour recharge window. While not entirely impressive compared to competitive vacs in the same price tier, the battery itself is removable, meaning you can purchase a second one for backup scenarios — ideal for that quarterly whole-home cleanout.

Worried what particles the P10 will kick around? Not to fear. The vacuum’s four-stage filter (HEPA, sponge, steel mesh, and cyclone ionosphere) works to eliminate fine dust particles, keeping the air in your home allergen-free and easy to breathe.

Proscenic P10 Pro

Available for $179, the Proscenic P10 Pro may not be the most powerful vacuum, nor the longest-lasting, but for the money, it’s hard to pass up the portability, overall performance, and the onboard adaptive tech that will leave your home clean in record time.

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