Rickshaw iPad 2 messenger bag, sleeve put function first

rickshaw ipad 2 messenger bag sleeve put function first threestuffed


With the introduction of the iPad 2 of course comes the obligatory flood of companies rushing to create the perfect product to accessories for your new tech toy. While some of these brands choose to emphasize upscale fabrics and crazy designs, Rickshaw likes to keep things simple and focused on protection and on-the-go convenience. The company comes from a San Francisco background and has urban cycling influences, which means that each bag focuses on comfortable fit, quick access to whatever you might need, and colorful and unique patterns that reflect an urbanite’s sporty aesthetic. The Messenger Bag for iPad 2 ($75) was designed after the Zero series but with the new, slim Apple toy in mind. The bag has a square shape and features a padded front pocket and base to snugly hold your iPad or iPad 2 by itself or while in a simple sleeve.

A large main compartment has enough room for a few other gadgets, reading material, an extra sweater, and your basic everyday essentials. Two small front pockets give quick access to important items and a handy D-ring will keep your keys, a cross-strap, or a water bottle handy. The bag has an easy velcro closure and a quick-adjust tab on the shoulder strap for adjustable comfort on the go. Handmade in San Francisco, the Messenger Bag for iPad 2 comes in a variety of fabrics and colors, including cordura, tweed and X-pac styles. Rickshaw has also released a simple iPad sleeve ($30+) that fits neatly inside the messenger bag for even more padding and protection