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The Roborock Dyad is a two-in-one cleaning solution for every mess

Roborock is known for its robotic vacuums that not only suction up your messes, but mop them up, too. Now the company is placing its automated cleaning know-how in the palm of your hand with the Dyad, the company’s first cordless wet-dry stick vacuum.

The Dyad is a wet-dry vacuum on steroids, featuring not one, but three, rollers and two motors. The two motors operate independently to control the two rear rollers and the one in the front. The single front roller and the two back rollers rotate in opposite directions providing a deep cleaning with each back-and-forth stroke. This unique design allows the Dyad to clean everything from ground-in dirt to freshly spilled milk from your household floors.

Roborock Dyad Edge Cleaning

This multiple roller system does more than deep clean the center of your floor. It also provides exceptional edge-to-edge cleaning. No more leaving a trail of dirt and debris up against your cabinets. The Dyad’s two rear rollers span the width of the vacuum, allowing you to run the vacuum flush against the wall and pick up any dust or debris along the way.

Like most of Roborock’s vacuums, the Dyad is equipped with the latest smart home technology. The wet-dry vacuum monitors the level of dirt it encounters and adapts the cleaning to best tackle each stain. Tough stains in high-traffic areas are hit with increased water and intense suction to remove the stubborn ground-in dirt. In less dirty areas, the Dyad dials down its cleaning to save on water and cleaning supplies. As a result, you get just the right amount of cleaning for each part of your floor. Thanks to the vacuum’s self-cleaning function, there is no mess to clean up when done vacuuming. Just push the self-cleaning button, and the rollers automatically clean themselves.

The Dyad provides a nice balance of technology and performance. It is powered by a 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery that offers more than enough cleaning for the average home. You can run the vacuum for up to 35 minutes and clean up to 3,056 square feet on a full charge. An integrated LCD readout shows the vacuums statistics, allowing you to check the battery life and monitor the cleaning mode by glancing at the display. Too busy to look at the LCD? No problem. There’s even a built-in voice alert system that tells you when you need to refill the water tank or recharge the battery.

Roborock will sell the Dyad for $449 starting in January. It will be available through Amazon, along with the company’s other robotic and stick vacuums.

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