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Samsung Air Dresser closet airs, steams, dries, and purifies garments

Samsung Electronics introduced an internet-connected personal garment care appliance this week, according to The Korea Herald.

Focused on the millennial market, the Air Dresser cleans and freshens clothing in four ways: Airing, steaming, drying, and purifying.

“Samsung Electronics has been leading the market with product innovation, IoT leadership, and lifestyle of the millennial generation that have not been in the world,” Samsung Electronics Consumer Electronics Division CEO Hyun-Suk Kim said in a statement. “We will open the era of clean clothing and change the lifestyle of consumers.

“Millennials have emerged as core consumers of our home appliances,” Kim continued. “It was our duty to study their lifestyles and deliver experiences and values they seek.”

The Air Dresser employs technologies originally developed for other products. For example, Samsung uses steam technology from the brand’s washing machines, odor treatment from refrigerators, and filtration from air purifiers in the new garment appliance.

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The Air Dresser resembles a narrow closet or clothes locker with three special hangers. The hangers allow garments to be cleaned inside and outside. Air and steam are sprayed on garments in the Air Dresser from the top and the bottom to get rid of dust and odor.

Fine dust is a health problem in South Korea, according to The Korea Herald, citing Choi Cheon-woong, a medical professor at Kyung Hee University. Cheon-woong said the Air Dresser would be beneficial to health.

According to Samsung, the appliance can rid clothes of 99 percent of the dust in garments in 25 minutes. The appliance filtration system removes dust and contaminants so they don’t cling to the next garments placed in the appliance.

Referring to the purification system in the Air Dresser, Samsung claimed the Air Dresser eliminates common harmful germs, including colon bacillus.

The Air Dresser connects with Samsung’s SmartThings and can recommend various cleaning programs and vary the air flow force depending on garment material. The SmartThings app also sends notifications when garments are ready and alerts owners when the air filter needs replacement.

The new electronic wardrobe appliance will compete with the LG Styler, which was introduced in 2011 and currently dominates the market in Korea.

When released in Korea in September, the Air Dresser will be available in gold, brown, rose, and white. Prices will range from $1,550 to $1,770.

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