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Samsung’s AirDresser refreshes your clothes after each use

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CES 2020 might be over, but Samsung is using another large consumer show in Las Vegas to show off some new appliances, including one that might change how you clean your clothes.

Among the new appliances being shown off Tuesday at the the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show are new slide-in ranges, a redesigned Family Hub refrigerator, and a new clothing dresser than can freshen up your clothes in as little as a half-hour.

Called the AirDresser, the unit is small enough that it could fit into a preexisting wardrobe. Using steam, the AirDresser removes wrinkles and sanitizes your clothes to freshen them up and remove odors. Steaming isn’t anything new — it’s been around for decades. It’s less damaging to your clothes than the more traditional method of ironing — just not as fast. In this case, speed doesn’t matter as much as your clothes are treated while they are being stored.

Clothing is placed on one of the three hangers inside the AirDresser. Once closed, powerful air jets blast your clothes to remove dust and dirt. This is followed by a high-temperature steam bath, which kills bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The deodorizing filter next breaks down odor-causing particles, which is followed by a self-cleaning process that sanitizes the AirDresser itself.

The entire process is controlled via Samsung’s SmartThings app, which alerts you when your clothes are ready, the company says. The AirDresser has been on sale in Korea since 2018, and goes on sale worldwide at select retailers this week. No pricing was immediately available, however, and the company’s online store in the U.S. did not show the product for sale at the time of this writing.

As we mentioned, the AirDresser wasn’t the only new appliances Samsung showed off at KBIS 2020. The redesigned Family Hub was also on display, with a new side-by-side model and increased interior space. The company’s new slide-in ranges are now controllable via voice assistants, and built-in intelligence begins to learn your cooking preferences over time.

The new refrigerators and slide-in ranges will also be available either immediately or in the coming months, direct from the manufacturer or through its worldwide retail partners, the company says.

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