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Grab a free upright vac to go with your Shark Ion robot vacuum

For those who haven’t started their spring cleaning yet, there’s one great option: the robot vacuum cleaner. Set it, forget it, and let it do the sweeping, these little wonders take one of the worst parts of housecleaning–the floors–out of the equation altogether. Those who have balked at the price in the past, meanwhile, will have reason to rejoice: Shark’s offering an exclusive deal allowing those who buy the ION Robot Vacuum R85 to get a Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum (shown below) at no extra charge.

The ION Robot Vacuum R85 boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and app support, allowing several of its key functions to be used via remote. A charging dock makes recharging the little autonomous vacuum a breeze, and eight feet of BotBoundary strips help provide structure for where the device should — and should not — go. The Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 system built into the device helps keep the device on track and cleaning, as opposed to marring furniture.

Those with pets, meanwhile, will find this device especially suited to cleaning up loose hair. It boasts a self-cleaning brushroll to keep it pulling dirt and hair even through some of the most cluttered environments. With extra-large capacity and three times the suction power of its predecessor the R75, the R85 will keep rolling and pulling dirt, dust, hair, and more from your floors.

The free gift, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum, will offer its own value to your cleaning chores. Packing in an 11-inch crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and the TruePet motorized miniature brush, specially designed for taking on pet hair, dander, and more from even cushioned surfaces.

Buying one vacuum robot and getting one regular vacuum free lets you effectively double your vacuuming reach. With a robot on your side and you on the other, you’ll be able to tackle even big vacuuming chores in rapid fashion.

Tackling other chores — or what to do when you’ve finally finished — becomes that much easier with the help of our deals page, which has a host of other options waiting for you. So whether you’re ready to face down spring cleaning, or let the robots tackle the dirty work, Shark’s buy-one-get-one vacuum deal will be especially helpful.