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Shloosl offers duplicate keys over the Internet, plus two days of needless paranoia

Shloosl key copy

Most of us at Digital Trends live in a metropolitan area; Those of us based in New York City are admittedly rather spoiled by all the things one can eat, buy, see, smell, hear at any hour of the day. So call us skeptical when we came across Shloosl, a Web service that will duplicate your keys with just an image. We’re all for Internet-based services that make our lives easier, but we didn’t know hardware stores were that hard to find nowadays.

Shloosl copy key photosAccording to Shloosl, all the user has to do is snap a photo if their key in a good, focused composition (making sure the teeth are visible and clear) and text it to the service. A robot will analyze the photo data to gather the correct shape and cut a perfect copy of the key. Upon receipt confirmation, users must provide credit card and shipping information to pay for the copied key(s). Each copy costs $5, and that price tag includes two-day shipping. “Your key and its associated information are stored on our server with bank-grade cryptography,” Shloosl states. “Your shipping information is redacted from our system a few days after we ship your key. That way, no one (including us) can associate your key with your address.”

Shloosl also says since credit card information is necessary, identity can be traced back in case of fraud. But by the time someone took a photo of your keys, made the copies, break into your house and take everything you’ve got, who cares if identity can be traced back? It’s something that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in the first place. Anyone can snatch your keys for a quick photo and return it without you ever noticing, and it’s a concept we’re not sure we’re willing to embrace just yet.

“No need to go to the store,” Shloosl boasts. “Do it any time, from anywhere. Use any smartphone. No need to pull the key off its keyring.” If your biggest concern about duplicating keys is taking it off the keyring, you don’t deserve to own an apartment.

It would be another thing if Shloosl offers emergency turnaround time for when you’re locked out and need a copy of the keys ASAP (in which case, you would just snap a pic of your set and keep it saved for that purpose). But a two-day service ridden with paranoia? Try at your own risk.

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