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Keep your filthy hands off the controls with this foot-activated sink

Some like it hot — their bathing temperature, that is. Thanks to a new set of plumbing fixtures, available this April, your bath and sink could soon be ready when you are, at precisely your desired level of warmth.

Dornbracht, a designer faucet and fixture manufacturer, recently introduced Smart Water and eUnit, which allow you to control the volume and temperature of bath and kitchen tap water.

In the bathroom, use Smart Water’s display switch and two control knobs to manage everyday rituals. Family members can pre-select their names on a display switch to customize settings or choose from preprogrammed options. Anyone who’s ever accidentally let the tub overflow will appreciate the Smart Water’s alert that the bath is full. Brushing your teeth? Once the water’s turned off, a memory feature turns water back on at exactly the same setting, saving energy and H2O. A foot sensor allows for hands-free control, so you don’t have to smear mysterious substances all over the knobs. The Smart Water can operate sinks, showers, and tubs with a single unit.

DORNBRACHT - eUnit Kitchen in Action EN

Dornbracht’s eUnit is a sink that also has a foot sensor, again helping keep its flow and temperature knobs clean. Need three liters of water for soup? The display will show you exactly how much has flowed into your pot, so you can skip the measuring cup. The eUnit also temporarily stores volume and temperature data, so you don’t have to keep the water running in between tasks to maintain the temperature. Additionally, eUnit Kitchen has an electronic drain, which opens and closes by depressing a button, so you don’t have to reach into murky dishwater to unstop it.

Though the new tech will be available in April, information about price and U.S. availability were not immediately available. We’ll update the post as soon as we have more information.

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