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The SmartCup lets you make the perfect cup of coffee or baby formula

Getting the temperature just right for drinks can be a real pain. Too hot and you have to wait. Too cool and it’s not the way you want it. Instead of putting up with the guessing game, just make your drinks with the SmartCup. You’ll get the perfect temperature every time, no matter what you’re making.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a delicious hot drink is likely coffee or tea, and the SmartCup was made with those beverages in mind. All you’ll have to do is open up the mobile app that accompanies the device, pick the drink you’d like to make, and watch the SmartCup heat up to the perfect temperature. Since different teas and coffees peak at different temperatures, the SmartCup can adapt and bring the water to the perfect boil.

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Once the SmartCup gets to the ideal temperature to brew your coffee or steep your drink, the cooling system kicks in to bring the beverage down to the ideal drinking temperature. We’ve all managed to burn our tongues due to a lack of patience, but overly hot fluids can also have negative effects on our digestive system. Being able to drink right away at the ideal temperature not only saves you from that pain but also from any additional harm to your body.

While coffee and tea may be your beverage of choice, the SmartCup certainly isn’t the first smart mug on the block for that. Luckily, the makers of the SmartCup have another market in mind as well: parents who need to prepare baby formula for their children. It’s a process that can require a lot of precise timing — the FDA recommends boiling water for one minute, the cooling it to body temperature before mixing it with baby formula — but SmartCup can handle all of that for you. It will precisely boil the water so you can add the formula, then bring it down to the ideal drinking temperature so the baby is never uncomfortable with the drink.

SmartCup is available to pre-order through Kickstarter for pledges of $149 if you’re an early bird backer or $159 if you’re a little later to the game. As always, though, we advise caution when participating in a crowdfunding campaign. Either way, you can expect a SmartCup to arrive at your door come July 2019.

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