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Have your alarm clock talk and play music with the Solis SO-2000

Rather than depending on the same jarring iPhone alarms to rouse you in the morning, you can now look to Google Assistant to do the job. At CES 2018, Spectra unveiled the Solis SO-2000 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Wireless clock with Assistant built-in, which allows users to ask the clock questions, play music, or simply manage their lives. With two high-fidelity speakers, an easily readable LED clock that automatically sets the time from the Google Cloud (so you don’t have to remember to spring forward or fall back), this may just be your favorite bedside companion.

“We are thrilled to continue to work with Google by announcing the SO-2000 with the Google Assistant built in. We really feel that these modern design elements coupled with the latest technology would make a perfect addition to any room.” says Jim Economos, vice president of sales & marketing at Spectra Merchandising International.

This new speaker and clock combination certainly doesn’t look like your traditional alarm clock. There are no red numbers or rectangular displays to speak of, and instead, the SO-2000 features a circular face (which contains the two front-firing 5W speakers). The time is displayed near the bottom of the face, and the base features a number of controls for your music, its volume, and more.

Thanks to the built-in Google Assistant function, you’ll be able to get quite a jump-start on your day with this wireless clock. Whether you need to check the weather, your schedule, or the traffic on your way to work, your clock can now help. Of course, the SO-2000 doesn’t feature a screen like some other new CES products do, but it’s useful all the same.

The SO-2000 also boasts Chromecast, which means you can stream music to the clock from your phone, tablet, or laptop. And with the Google Home app, you can either stream content to a single speaker, different music to individual speakers, or create groups for listening across multiple rooms. Google’s multi-room sync functionality allows you to play the same song to any combination of compatible speakers at the same time.

The new clock and speaker combination will be made available in the middle of the year in either white or black for $170.

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