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Burn calories, improve your posture and spine health with the Sprang Chair

Creating the perfect desk chair is a downright science, but a startup company known as The Inventory thinks it’s officially cracked the code. Its offering? Something called the Sprang Chair, which is currently experiencing a successful run on Kickstarter to the tune of more than $25K raised. Essentially the combination of a balance ball and an ergonomic chair, the Sprang Chair is said to give users the same therapeutic benefits of resistance bands — though the jury’s still out on how the name might sit with a potential owner.

As the multitude of studies pertaining to sitting in a desk chair can attest, spending upwards of eight hours in the seated position is hardly healthy for you. This fact is precisely the reason why Tree Free Greetings employee Darren Mark decided to launch the Sprang Chair. Boasting such benefits as encouraging daily movement, assisting in the burning of calories, and improving posture and spine health, Mark’s innovative chair design looks to have all the makings of solving the office chair conundrum.

“It was almost two years ago that I switched out my expensive ‘ergonomic’ mesh office chair for the original Sprang prototype,” Mark stated on his Kickstarter page. “In that time, I’ve been thrilled to discover [that] my back is more stable — it doesn’t lock up, spasm, or go out anymore — and that stiffness after sitting for long stretches [is] gone.”

Completely adjustable to suit any owner’s needs — such as desired stiffness, seat height, and a variety of back support adjustments — the Sprang Chair is perfect for anyone regardless of the setting they choose to use it in. The included exercise ball features a canvas top and bottom, providing top quality while remaining extremely durable. Available in either green, black, gray, or red, the Sprang Chair also comes in a natural blonde or dark walnut wood.

Early adopters interested in putting the Sprang Chair to use have the ability to secure their own for just $350 during the duration of the campaign, while those preferring no back support can buy a Sprang for $100 less. As of this writing, the Sprang Chair has already raised an impressive $25K toward its $35K goal with 10 days remaining.

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