Star Wars inspired headphone covers will rock the galaxy as well as your ears


It’s true that Star Wars fans have typically found more of a foothold among testosterone-filled boys and grown men unable to outgrow the pure awesomeness that is Star Wars. These young would-be Jedis are ready and willing to battle the Galactic Empire and swing their lightsabers in defense of the galaxy, but it would be a Death Star-sized mistake to forget the large contingent of female Star Wars fans out there too, and these creative Princess Leia inspired headphone covers are just for them.

But whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, princess Leia, or both, these cool covers replicate the iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle of the galactic princess. Coming in three different shades, (auburn, blonde, or red) these nifty headphone covers from Etsy designer Jacquie Coe can be attached permanently or temporarily, are made from synthetic hair, and will surely garner a second glance from space smugglers or bounty hunters alike. And for only 24 credits, we mean dollars, looking this cool won’t cause a disturbance with the force or your bank account.