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Suvie smart cooler and cooker is on display at CES 2019, ready for pre-orders

It was almost one year ago when we had our first look at Suvie, the cooling and cooking countertop robot. This week, Suvie’s creators had the clever cooker on display at CES 2019.

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The whole point about Suvie is to save time and hassle for busy people and families via automated meal preparation. The Wi-Fi-connected countertop appliance has four temperature zones, each with independent controls. Suvie uses water in various ways to cook pre-packaged meals shipped to customers’ homes ready to cook. Each home-delivered Suvie meal is available in two sizes: Dinner for two adults or dinner for four adults which is also sufficient for two adults and three kids.

Suvie meals are delivered in special packaging. Each meal has separate packages for a raw protein, a raw vegetable, a dry starch, and a chef-prepared sauce. All ingredients are shipped chopped, seasoned and ready to place in the correct Suvie trays or sections. When you put the food in the Suvie’s respective sections, the appliance starts refrigerating them while it checks the recipe via Wi-Fi.

Suvie’s creators describe the robot as a precision cooker. That term is typically used with sous vide cooking, so it’s no surprise that one of Suvie’s section, the Protein Zone, is a sous vide cooker that heats immersed meat, fowl, or fish to cook at an exact temperature for an exact length of time.

Vegetables are steamed in another Suvie section. Starches are boiled and drained, and sauces are gently warmed in their respective areas. Suvie times all four sections to finish at the same time with the food ready to serve.

You can schedule meal prep at any time via a smartphone app. For example, you could schedule the meal to start cooking when you leave the office so it will be ready when you get home.

If you want to brown the cooked protein before serving, Suvie also has a broiler section, but that function can not be activated remotely because of fire risk.

Suvie meal plan options currently include entries such as asiago chicken, shrimp tikka masala, and lemon dill baked cod. Depending on the meal and the number of portions, the meals cost from $10 to $12 per serving.

After raising more than $700,000 in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Suvie is nearly ready for pre-orders. According to the Suvie website, the oven’s $699 cost won’t be charged to your account until one month before shipping, which is currently estimated to occur in June.

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