Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2019 Award Winners

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5G. A.I. Voice assistants. Metaverse. Yes, metaverse.

CES 2019 slathered on the buzzwords thick and heavy, but beneath the breathless hype and bluster, there were amazing products to back it up, too. Except metaverse. C’mon Nissan, you just made that up.

We saw laptops thin enough to disappear in a backpack, TVs that magically unroll from a box on command, and futuristic digital binoculars that made us wish for a 2019 remake of Rear Window. And that’s just the stuff on the show floor. This year, rolling around town in a self-driving Lyft ride became so routine it was almost boring. (But it’s still worth getting excited that you don’t have to tip.)

While CES gets smug eyerolls every year for amazing prototypes that will never come to market, this is the year stuff got real. The electric Harley we’ve seen for four years now? Finally real. A plant-based burger that could fool a carnivore? Finally real. An Alexa toilet? OK, fine, nobody was anticipating that. But it’s real!

So while not every pick for our Top Tech of CES 2019 is destined for a Best Buy near you, more of them are than ever. Yesterday’s far-flung concepts are this year’s products. So prepare to be amazed, and open your wallet.