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This device may soon help families and children living with night terrors

Sleep through the night with Lully!
Night terrors can be a real problem for little kids, but they can keep their parents awake, too. Now, the Lully Sleep Guardian is here to relieve families of these woes.

The product looks like a small pod, and it’s about the width of a hockey puck, according to NPR. Lully Sleep Guardian works with Bluetooth technology that pairs with an iPhone app. Slip the pod under your child’s mattress, and the product will gently vibrate when night terrors typically occur. For children, this is usually within the first two to three hours of sleep, according to KidsHealth.

During a night terror, a person may begin thrashing around or yelling during sleep. Experts say that it’s best not to abruptly awaken the individual. However, a night terror can last up to a half hour. Over time, this results in a massive amount of sleep loss for both parents and children.

As a proactive method designed to avoid night terrors, the Lully Sleep Guardian sends gentle pulses toward the torso through the mattress. This prevents the child from entering an “unhealthy” state of sleep that may induce night terrors. The iPhone app that’s paired with the Lully Sleep Guardian reminds parents to turn on the device before 11 p.m. each night.

Lully’s co-founder, Andy Rink, grew up with a twin sister who had night terrors. Knowing how detrimental they could be to a child’s health, he used his personal experience to craft the device.

Up to four percent of children between the ages of two and 12 live with night terrors. For the most part, kids grow out of them, but they can be severe at times.

The Lully Sleep Guardian is set to launch at the end of June, and it will be offered for $169. However, you can preorder it now for $99 on the company website. Finally, families living with this condition may be able to get some Z’s.

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