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Giving away your Ring? It’ll soon be easier to transfer your device ownership

Smart home security has been a hot-button issue over the past year, with several security breaches and leaks taking center stage. Ring has tried to stay ahead of that through its end-to-end encryption, launched earlier this year in the United States. Today, Ring announced the service is moving out of technical preview in the United States and becoming available to more customers around the world. In addition, Ring is introducing even more security features to ensure your data is protected and safe from prying eyes. These features also make it easier to sell old devices and transfer ownership without worrying that your stored information might be at risk.

Ring is the first major home security company to provide end-to-end encryption. What sets this service apart is that it isn’t mandatory; customers can opt-in if they’d like to add another layer of security to their videos. In addition, Ring has expanded the number of devices that work with end-to-end encryption to include the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite, the Indoor Cam, and others. A full list can be found on Ring’s support page.

Two-step authentication has been something the company has offered for a while now, but Ring is now adding authenticator app support to provide users with even more security. Users can now choose whether to receive an SMS message with the proper code or enter the code using a compatible authenticator app. On top of this, the Ring app and the Neighbors app will both receive CAPTCHA to help prevent automated log-in attempts.

The new self-service device transfer no longer requires customers to contact customer service before giving someone else one of their older devices. Instead, the new owner just scans the device during setup and follows the on-screen instructions. In doing so, the original owner receives an alert to remove the device or account from their Ring app. This ensures no personal information remains on the device and helps further protect user information.

All of these features are available today, with exception of the new self-service device transfer, but will become so in the coming weeks.

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