Thodio iBox houses speakers in customizable iPod dock

thodio ibox houses speakers in customizable ipod dock

Ipod docks are about as ubiquitous these days as corner Starbucks shops, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few unique versions out there. If you prefer something a little more funky than your typical shiny iPod dock, take note of the Thodio iBox (about $490 and up). This portable speaker solution and iPod dock provides a unique look and several customizable features to help you create your ideal high-end small speaker system. The iBox has two front-mounted, uncovered speakers and a central bass port directly below. You can choose your preferred amplification up to 140 watts RMS, as well as the body style, with choices of MDF, oak, mahogany, teak, zebrawood, and others. The top-mounted iPod dock is optional (but we think essential) and the speakers also include a 3.5 mm input and output, and a rechargeable battery that’s good for about 15 hours of music playback.