With the TicHome Mini, you can take Google Assistant with you anywhere

TicHome Mini makes Google Assistant mobile, and is now available for pre-sale

You don’t need a Google Home or a Pixel phone to take your Google Assistant everywhere you go. Meet the new TicHome Mini from Chinese artificial intelligence company Mobvoi. The latest smart home device to come out of the firm, the TicHome Mini has Google Assistant built in, so you can take your handy A.I. helper with you whenever you need to be.

The compact and highly portable disk-like design appears to integrate relatively well into any home decor and just about any setting. Battery-powered and capable of functioning without being plugged in, the TicHome Mini also comes with an interchangeable strap that makes for easy carrying or hanging around the house. Plus, it boasts a splash-proof rating of IPX6, which means that you can use the Mini in your bathroom or by the pool. While you will have to act fast, it won’t necessarily be the end of days if the device gets a little rainwater.

Like Google Home, you can activate this smart home device by saying “OK Google” and you will be able to ask about the weather, set alarms, or, if you are in the mood, ask the Mini to tell a joke. If you are looking for more practical applications, Google Assistant can help you schedule events on Google Calendar, manage your to-do list, and more.

As Google adds more functionality to its A.I. assistant, so too will the TicHome Mini. You can already access a number of third-party content providers, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Nest, and If This Then That, and the list is only expected to continue growing.

“The partnership between Google and Mobvoi has opened up opportunities to combine Google’s industry-leading Google Assistant with Mobvoi’s vision for a portable home assistant form factor,” Zhifei Li, CEO and founder of Mobvoi, said in a statement. “With TicHome Mini we aim to push the boundaries of how and where A.I. impacts our daily lives.”

After making its debut at this year’s IFA, the TicHome Mini is now available for pre-sale. Prices begin at $79, or 20 percent off the retail price of $99. The Mini is available in a wide range of colors, including black, white, red, and green.

“We are excited to make TicHome Mini available to ship for the holidays, so that you can enjoy the best of a portable speaker and the Google Assistant at home while bonding with your family,” Li added. “Through the TicHome Mini, we bring to you a portable A.I. device which seamlessly integrates into your life.”

Update: The TicHome Mini is now available for pre-sale.