The best Google Home-compatible devices

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In November 2016, Google entered the smart-home fracas with the aptly-named Google Home, a connected speaker built to compete with the Amazon Echo and its ilk. Its capabilities include, but aren’t limited to, keeping your life organized, playing music from almost any streaming service, searching for answers to questions, working in tandem with Chromecast to display photos and videos on a TV, and controlling a bevy of smart-home devices.

While Home’s assistant might have some advantages over Amazon’s Alexa — it does give you a detailed answer on how to clean up a wine stain, for example, as opposed to Alexa saying, “I don’t know” — Google’s new device isn’t compatible with the same number of smart-home products as Amazon’s speakers. Well, at least not yet. Of course, Alexa’s spent the better part of the last couple years integrating with partners, and since its release, Google Home has been playing catch-up.

That said, it’s come a long way since its initial release and has added more options — such as the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max — to the family. There are also lots of lights, switches, and thermostats that you can control with your voice thanks to the speakers. Keep scrolling to find out all the Google Home-compatible devices and services.

Compatible smart home devices


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ecobee: Pair ecobee’s thermostats with its room sensors for more intelligent, voice-activated temperature control.
Products: ecobee4 ($249), ecobee3 lite ($169), Room Sensors ($79, two pack)

First Alert: Onelink is First Alert’s touchscreen, Google Home-compatible thermostat.
Product: Onelink Thermostat ($185)

Hive: This U.K.-based company has a monthly plan for its smart thermostat.
Product: Active Thermostat ($13 per month)

Honeywell: Start by saying, “OK, Google,” and you can adjust the temperature with several types of Honeywell thermostats.
Products: Lyric Round ($199), Lyric T5 ($150), Lyric T6 Pro ($125), Total Connect Comfort (request quote)

Lux: The selling point for Lux’s smart thermostat is its replaceable cover, which lets you match it to your decor.
Product: Kono Thermostat ($150)

Nest: The Alphabet-owned company actually offers several smart devices, but for now, Google Home only controls its learning thermostats.
Product: Learning Thermostat ($250)

Netatmo: Only available in the U.K., Netatmo makes smart a thermostat and smart radiator knobs.
Products: Smart Thermostat (£149) Smart Radiator Knobs (£70)


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August Smart Lock Pro Review

August: Retrofitting with your existing lock, August lets you lock — but not unlock — your door with your voice via Google Home.
Products: Smart Lock Pro ($230)

Igloohome: A lock with keypad, the Igloohome also works with an app and Google Home.
Products: Deadbolt 02 ($231)

Nuki: Like the August, Nuki’s smart lock fits on the inside of doors in some European countries.
Products: Smart Lock (€229)


Samsung SmartThings Hub

Iris by Lowe’s: Iris, Lowe’s smart-home system, works with a bunch of devices, including Google Home.
Product: Hub ($70)

Samsung SmartThings: Combining Google Home with a SmartThings Hub grants access to a veritable smorgasbord of devices. (Find a list here).
Product: Hub ($49)

Wink: Like SmartThings, Wink’s hub works with lots of products, so items from different manufacturers can work together.
Product: Hub 2 ($99)


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Outlets and Plugs


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If This, Then That (IFTTT)

ifttt maker applet update applets

First things first: If you don’t know what IFTTT is and how it works, check out our rundown here. Once you’re familiar with the service, it offers all sorts of neat features such as turning on the heat when you leave the office or starting your coffee when your head leaves the pillow. It’s a little confusing at first, but you’ll start using recipes like a pro in no time.

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Other compatible services and devices

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The following products and services feature compatibility with Google Home as well.

Music streaming services Streaming devices Speakers and TVs Other
Google Play Music Google Chromecast Vizio Google Calendar
YouTube Music Chromecast Audio Toshiba Google Keep
Spotify Chromecast Ultra Philips Mad Libs
Pandora Sony Third-party created services
TuneIn Bang & Olufsen
Altec Lansing
Polk Audio
Grace Digital

Right now, the Home’s most impressive feature lies with its baked-in assistant, which answers fairly complicated questions and uses context clues to respond to follow-ups. It also interacts with Google’s Chromecast, meaning simple Home prompts easily play YouTube videos or pull up photos on a TV if you already own the $35 device. The audio version also plays music on speakers throughout a home.

Considering Google Home costs $40 less than the Amazon Echo, the Home is beginning to look like an attractive option for a voice-controlled assistant, especially for Android users who get added benefits, like shopping lists they vocally add items to.

Smart Home

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