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Elevating bed clears some space during the day in this tiny home on a trailer

With real estate prices going up all over the world, more and more people are thinking about the monetary benefits of downsizing. Some people are even going a step further and choosing to live in a “tiny home,” which features all the home essentials in as tiny a space as possible (usually just a few hundred square feet). TruForm Tiny, a professional tiny home builder, recently unveiled a towable dwelling called the Urban Payette with Elevator Bed. The most unique feature of the home? You guessed it — an elevating bed that adds convenience and flexibility to living in a tiny, multipurpose space.

The bed sits on a motorized platform that can be moved up and down via a switch on the wall. In case of a power outage, the bed can also be moved using a hand crank. The bed is large enough to sleep two people. During the day, when the bed is not in use, it can be raised and affixed into the wall and doubles as a drop-down desk. The area previously occupied by the bed then becomes a living room.

The tiny home also includes a kitchen that features a full-size refrigerator and oven. The bathroom has a toilet, stainless steel shower, sink, and enough space to fit a washer and dryer.

This tiny home is constructed on a 28-foot-long triple-axle trailer, and the total square footage of the home is a mere 344 square feet. Despite the small size, the home’s interior looks bright and open, thanks to three skylights that let in natural light.

Consumers can customize the home to their liking, selecting from a variety of interior and exterior options, including siding, finishes, and size. Users can also choose whether they want the motorized bed (the sleeping loft has enough space for two twin beds or one king-size bed). Those who want their homes to go off-the-grid can also choose to include a composting toilet, wood-burning stove, and solar panels at an extra cost.
While there is no word on how much the unit depicted here ended up costing, Tru Form Tiny did say that the bed alone costs $3,500.

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