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Uniquely J is a new brand from Walmart's meant to take on Amazon

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Walmart isn’t generally the retailer of choice for millennials, particularly those residing in cities, but that could soon change. Following its 2016 acquisition of online brand, Walmart is launching a new product line called Uniquely J. Its goal? To take on more millennial-friendly brands like Amazon.

Featuring some unique branding, Uniquely J will seek to cater to “metro millennials” who prefer to buy into (the facade of) slightly higher-end goods. The new line of products will offer many essentials, like coffee, olive oil, detergent, and other grocery and household items.

“Uniquely J is yet another way is innovating for the metro millennial,” spokeswoman Meredith Klein told the New York Post. “From the boldly designed packaging, to the fun, witty label copy and quality ingredients – everything was designed with this metro consumer in mind.”

Given Amazon’s recently completed acquisition of Whole Foods, it comes as little surprise that Walmart is now stepping up to ensure that it doesn’t fall out of vogue with younger consumers, many of whom do the majority of their shopping on the internet. And while Walmart has always been known for its low prices, it hasn’t always been able to hang its hat on quality. But that might be shifting with the purchase and the launch of Uniquely J. According to retail consultant Burt Flickinger, who the Post claims has insights into Walmart’s plans, Uniquely J “will be better quality than many of the national name brands.”

If things go well, it’s possible that the product offerings could eventually be sold in brick and mortar Walmart locations as well. “The branded vendors are privately telling us that they are relieved about the division becoming a big private-label seller,” Flickinger added. “They see as the best opportunity to slow Amazon’s march towards making unreasonable demands in its procurement.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Uniquely J will first comprise around 60 food and household products in the next couple months, and will then add baby, beauty, and pet products that are of a higher quality than what is currently offered in Walmart stores. So if you’re looking to stock up on essentials, there may be a new option in your browser.

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